Friday, January 06, 2006

Eating Crow

Okay - so I'm having to eat some crow. A couple of months ago, I stated that I wasn't into the world of blogging, as I saw it as mostly a legalized form of self-serving navel-gazing.

I pretty much feel the same still, but I'm seeing that blogs can be useful. I spend so much of my time talking about what I'm reading, and recommending books to other people, that I thought that if nothing else, this would be a good way to share more about what I'm currently reading, being challenged by, and thinking about. Okay, so some of it will be self-serving navel-gazing, but I hope that perhaps someone will be encouraged or challenged right alongside me.

So, to all those offended by my comments regarding blogs - I'm sorry to say, that like me or not, I've joined your ranks. Sigh. Crow tastes nasty.

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