Monday, July 30, 2007

Addicted to Jane

I admit it.

I've watched Pride & Prejudice too many times to count (the 5 hour BBC version - truly the only REAL movie representation). I try to convert others - i'm downright evangelistic about Jane Austen.

So, i've been excited about the forthcoming movie of Jane Austen's life, and in preparation have read Just Jane and Becoming Jane. Of the two, Just Jane was far better.

Any other Jane Austen afficiandos will be clap their hands and exclaim 'Capital!' with this novelization of Jane's life. I passed on my copy to Heather, who I imagine will start wearing Regency-era dresses while reading it. Nancy Moser did an excellent job of getting into the life and words of Jane Austen (and those of us who know books verbatim will recognize some key sarcastic phrases like, 'shelves in the closet, happy thought indeed!').

Not Quite as Dignified

So, my second most interesting meeting this year? (After Jim Caviezel, of course!) The Simpsons!

I still haven't seen the movie (waiting till next weekend) but can't get enough of the Spider Pig trailer.

The phrase "from the sublime to the ridiculous" seems to fit here.

Finally - Proof

Here it is, at long last, proof of my Jim Caviezel moment. And no, Kelvin, there is no Photoshop involved... anyone who knows me enough will figure that out. I do have a few questions though:

1. Could I wear a louder jacket?

2. Did I do something offensive to make Jim Caviezel stand away from me? Was he offended by my jacket?

3. Exactly how tall is Jim Caviezel? I was wearing heels - so was probably about 5'10" in this photo!

I can't wait to hear the full Word of Promise New Testament... everything i've heard so far is awesome.

Saturday, July 28, 2007

Spilling Issues

I have realized that I actually miss something from my old apartment that i'd never thought i'd miss.

Black berber carpet. Ugly laminate floors.

Why? Because, no matter what you did, either nothing showed on the carpet or you could just wipe it off the old asbestos laminate floors.

Now, although i've only lived here not quite two months (and have only actually been here for about half of that time) i've already spilled 3 cups of coffee, one cup of tea and one margarita on my light beige living room carpet. And heck, with the enormous sofas there isn't much carpet to be seen! And although i've scrubbed and Dan has scrubbed (twice when he's come over now i've been on my hands and knees scrubbing carpet), although I bought "mean green" cleaner and used it generously, although I wished the marks away... they're still there.

So, i'll have to ask a friend with a steam cleaner if I can borrow the only machine that might make my carpet clean again.

Hmm... interesting spiritual lessons out of this? (Don't you love how I have to do that?) No matter what I do, I can't get myself - or my own carpets - clean enough. I have to ask someone else to help. I need a Savior. I can move furniture to hide stains, but they're still there. I try to clean myself up, but "I do what I don't want to do, and what I want to do I don't do", like Paul said.

I'm grateful to know a Savior who has cleansed me... and who leaves no stains - none at all. Everything that is forgiven is forgotten. It's done. It's over. No more judgement. Nothing. Nada. Pitched into the deepest part of the ocean. Completely over.

I'm also grateful to have a friend with a steam cleaner. I'll soon have her on speed dial.

And perhaps I should invest in a couple of spill-proof cups.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

The End of it All

I can't believe it.

I finally caved and signed up for facebook. I had sworn that I wouldn't (kind of like how I wouldn't blog) but I've chosen to go for it and just start up an account and see if I actually use it. Thanks a lot, Michelle! Seriously, you're going to make me be all postmodern or something.

I was so happy being behind the times.

And you know what is worse? I have no idea how to really use facebook, so I need lessons. Pitiful when I need to find someone younger than me to teach me this stuff!

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Gems in Atlanta

I have been in Atlanta the last week, and it has been packed with good things and great things. Have you noticed that often the great things are things that aren't planned, and come in small packages?

On Saturday night, I attended the Christy Awards - frankly, my favourite awards show in our industry. While the Christys honor fiction authors, they recognized Phyllis Tickle with a special lifetime achievement award this year.

If you don't know who Phyllis is, perhaps you should. In a nutshell, Phyllis took Christian books into the mainstream by working with Publishers Weekly magazine to start reviewing books written by Christians with spiritual themes, whether they be fiction or non-fiction. In so doing, she broke ground and allowed us to reach people with the written word who might otherwise never consider reading a 'Christian' or spiritual book. I am grateful that she did so.

Phyllis is also funny, wise, and an accomplished author. I am so grateful to have women like her as role models in this work we do - although there are very few. Her acceptance speech was one of those that you want to memorize, as it was profound all in and of itself. One thing Phyllis said was exceptionally profound to me, and served as a challenge to me as I keep serving in this industry, as my ministry and as my work.

Phyllis said,

“Let us say, we have worked in these fields,

we have enjoyed the crop,

and have loved the landowner that we serve."

May I continue to work in the fields that God gives me, enjoy the harvest and the crop He provides, and may I, above all else, love the Landowner that I serve. He is amazing.