Monday, August 27, 2007

REALLY Eating Royally

Okay, so more payback for my not-so-good week? Well, tonight I got the chance to dine at Ruth's Chris Steakhouse. Turns out, one of the benefits of touring with a famous chef is fabulous food and remarkable service. Good thing that it doesn't happen very often, or i'd have to buy a whole new larger wardrobe (or some really stretchy pants recommended by Julie Barnhill).

Anyhow, we just enjoyed one of the best meals i've had in a long time.

Oh. My. Word.

The chef, Jess, was fantastic. This afternoon he allowed us to take over his kitchen for a short while in order to shoot some film for an eTalk Daily interview, and then he invited us back for dinner.
The Ahi Tuna appetizer was delicious. The steak was absolutely incredible (and who knew you could cook ANYTHING at 1800 degrees?). The asparagus perfectly al dente. The creme brulee was PERFECT (and my favorite dessert), although Darren wouldn't allow me to lick the spoon or bowl (apparently it's not a compliment to the chef - could've fooled me!). And I topped off my perfectly round meal (and belly) with a decaf Americano that beat Starbucks hands down (and you KNOW that point is hard for me to surrender).

So, I guess the diet starts tomorrow... after lunch with Darren, of course. As one friend said to me once "I can almost hear myself getting fatter". But tonight, I'm smiling like a happy cat.

Eating Royally and The Rock

This morning was odd in the best sort of way. I am on an author tour with The Royal Chef. We were at Canada AM first thing this morning, and the guest interviewed right before Darren McGrady demonstrated his world-class, Princess Diana Bread and Butter Pudding was... you guessed it... The Rock.

Yes, The Rock. Also known as "Dwayne Johnson".
The man characterized by the phrase "Can you smell what The Rock is cooking?"

Oh, the irony. And really, it's just weird. But, it was cool to get to see The Rock in person, even if his biceps were outshined by his 7 year-old movie co-star as they promoted it in their interview.

Although it seems like perhaps it's divine justice for having such a stressful weekend, Dan said it's just not fair.

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Life Unplugged

Since i've been disconnected, i've been fairly disconcerted.

When I started University in 1994, I got my first email account. I remember typing in a little computer lab on campus, and printing out my email on dot-matrix printers. In 1997, when I spent a year on a ship in Central America, email was a luxury that kept me connected to my family & friends. This week, 13 years after I got my first email account, with no internet connection, I didn't even know how I would communicate to plan an event. I couldn't print out directions. I honestly don't know how to cope without internet. I can't remember how to do this. I forget that I own maps. I forget that I own a phone.

I forget that being constantly connected has added an incredible level of pressure to my life. Pressure to know all things, do all things, be all things, and do them perfectly. It's also more expensive - more things to buy, internet connection to pay for.

There are some huge lessons in this, but now I need to slow down long enough to learn them.

Complaining Again?

Okay, so I gave up complaining for Lent this spring, and I think I might need to revisit that concept.

This past week has been frustrating - Dan was sick with sciatic nerve problems, and in miserable pain. I was out of town for work. My computer crashed and still isn't working. My internet is down. My cell phone died. The media tour i'm working on for next week has been problematic. And to top it all off, when I went to the bathroom at the hotel, soap squirted up my arm. Stuff has been happening with friends & family back home. Stuff has been happening with friends & family in Ontario. Enough wrenches have been thrown in my perfect plans this past week to make me run entirely off kilter.

However, those things are small things. They will pass. In five years, I will remember none of them. Good things are happening. I drove back and forth to Toronto a number of times, and was perfectly safe. No car accidents, despite my stressed out distraction. My computer will eventually get fixed. My friend Erin is here this weekend, and we've laughed enough to work off a few of the Jelly Bellys we've been eating. I had wonderful meals with friends at the Keg and Mandarin last week. Dan is feeling much better, if not perfect. I have the luxury of warm water and soap to wash my hands. I have a job that I love. I get paid to do things that I love. I have friends and family that teach me that i'm loveable.

So, to those who have endured my rants this past week, I ask for your forgiveness. Life is good, God is patient and endlessly gracious with me, and I need to state that far louder than my yowling at temporary inconveniences and frustrations.

Perhaps I need to do another 40-day complaint fast - maybe for, say, Rosh Hashana or something. (and maybe I need to fast from Jelly Bellys also)

Thursday, August 09, 2007

I am now Emma Woodhouse!

My Jane Austen / P&P addiction just keeps growing deeper and deeper - this is a fun quiz to find out who you would be in Jane Austen's world. Who would I least want to be? Charlotte Lucas - my apologies if you, in fact, turned out to be Charlotte! It's simply that I am much more of an Emma Woodhouse...

Now to figure out how to convince Dan to take me to see the new movie!

You scored as Emma Woodhouse, Emma is possibly one of the most loyal characters of Austen, always wanting better for those around her and doing all she possibly can to make it happen. Her motives sometimes get in the way of her good intentions and her own opinions can end up ruling her actions, but she has a good heart. She loves to be social and is welcoming to most, unless they are too silly to tolerate. While she sometimes changes her behavior to make others feel comfortable, she knows who she is and is always bettering herself.

Emma Woodhouse


Elizabeth Bennet


Marianne Dashwood


Lady Catherine


Jane Bennet


Elinor Dashwood


Charlotte Lucas


Which Jane Austen Character are You? (For Females) Long Quiz!!!
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Wednesday, August 01, 2007

2 Free Women of Faith Tix for Giveaway!

Mostly only my Toronto area friends (and Dan) get to cash in on any of my work connections (we went to Joel Osteen a couple weeks ago - interesting...) but for once, I have some comp passes to something in the West!

So, if anyone in Calgary reads my blog - or if anyone who reads my blog has friends in Calgary... I have two free Women of Faith tickets (free - no strings) to the first person from Calgary who emails me or posts a comment! They're in section 121, Row 11, Seats 1 & 2. Pretty good tix! They're worth $150 together!

The conference is being held on August 17 & 18th (in just a couple of weeks!). So, let me know if you'd like to go!