Saturday, June 16, 2007

Room of Horrors

Okay, time for a little honesty... does everyone have a room that looks like this after they move? It's the 'second bedroom' but looks more like a room of horrors. It will eventually be a room where I can keep my sewing machine set up, and unpack my 'library' onto bookshelves.

The living room, bedroom and kitchen are all organized and sorted out (mostly - except for trying to figure out huge lazyboy sofas in a not so enormous room).

Today is D-Day though. Dan is working on a patio with his brother, and i've got the day to sort out the nightmare room... we shall see how it goes. Meanwhile, i'm...erm... spending a little time blogging. No, don't call it procrastinating!

Please, tell me i'm not alone in this!

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Yay! for a First Novel

A few nights ago I finished Feeling For Bones - the first novel by Bethany Pierce.

Feeling For Bones is a beautifully written memoir-like novel following a teenaged girl through life's upheavals. With a father who is a disillusioned, former pastor, a mother struggling to keep everything together, and a sweet, energetic much younger sister, 16 year-old Olivia struggles to find identity, and longs to be beaufiful. This is a creative novel, and a literary gem. I love finding great new authors, and am so happy when one has a successful first crack at writing the novel of the century. Well done, Bethany! (Plus - it doesn't hurt that it has a stellar cover design!)

Wednesday, June 06, 2007


A little late but better late than never, once again Historymaker in Chilliwack, BC was excellent.

Great moments:

* Searching for miles for a Dairy Queen with Erin, and Dan giving us internet directions from Ontario - and then waking up in the morning to realize that there was a huge DQ right outside our hotel all along.

* eating White Spot burgers at a Triple O's in a gas station with Heather & Paul, Dan, George and Darian. Excellent. Darian thought it was romantic.

* Darcy wanting a fog / lights show like this.

* Dan finding a kid in the bathroom with TH1NK tattoos all over his abdomen.

* Seeing kids challenged to be Scripturally literate.

* Sharing time with kids who want to live for Christ, and want to find out how.

* Sitting in the rain and chatting with a young lady searching for God.

* Driving a brand new Ford Mustang... over a curb.

Throwing Sofas

They don't make sofas like they used to. Seriously!

In the final stages of 'The Big Move' two weeks ago, the guys thought that they'd throw my circa 1960 sofa off the balcony - third floor balcony. I was getting rid of the sofa anyhow (it's remarkable - you can leave old furniture on the curb here!) and the guys deserved a break / some fun (it was 32 degrees C and horribly humid) so, out went the sofa. The sofa wouldn't die! They couldn't get the legs off of it, and it looked no different after hurling down three storeys than it did in my living room. Solid as a rock. And hey, I paid $10 for it three years ago!

Ahh... i'm sure that no one will be using my new sofas in 47 years... they just don't make sofas like they used to.

Now, my new sofas... hopefully they'll last at least 10 years. They cost a little more than $10, but they're great.

Chuck Norris

Since our friend Rainer keeps telling Chuck Norris jokes, now i'm more conscious of the guys. He also happens to be one of our authors! Not only is he Walker, Texas Ranger, but he's a fiction author. Who would have guessed?

Anyhow, today I got a very funny Chuck Norris Mountain Dew commercial forwarded to me. I love to watch the man crack his knuckes... as he prepares to roundhouse kick these guys!