Monday, July 30, 2007

Addicted to Jane

I admit it.

I've watched Pride & Prejudice too many times to count (the 5 hour BBC version - truly the only REAL movie representation). I try to convert others - i'm downright evangelistic about Jane Austen.

So, i've been excited about the forthcoming movie of Jane Austen's life, and in preparation have read Just Jane and Becoming Jane. Of the two, Just Jane was far better.

Any other Jane Austen afficiandos will be clap their hands and exclaim 'Capital!' with this novelization of Jane's life. I passed on my copy to Heather, who I imagine will start wearing Regency-era dresses while reading it. Nancy Moser did an excellent job of getting into the life and words of Jane Austen (and those of us who know books verbatim will recognize some key sarcastic phrases like, 'shelves in the closet, happy thought indeed!').

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Nancy Moser said...

Nancy Moser here. Thank you, Ellen, for your kind words about "Just Jane." I had such a wonderful time writing about Jane's life--in novel form. It was difficult to capture her voice (no one can capture her voice) but I tried my best to give the reader a taste of it. And I also tried to be as accurate as possible, because a bio-novel should indeed be a biography, yes? I really disliked those times when the facts were absent and I had to use conjecture. In fact, in the back of the book, I list what was fact and what was fiction. I hope readers will enjoy my attempt. And I guess I hope more than anything that Jane would approve. Happy reading, one and all.