Sunday, February 11, 2007

From the Sublime to the Ridiculous

Last week, after a number of disappointing movies this winter, I had a great movie week. I was privileged to see the pre-release viewing of Amazing Grace at a convention I was at in Indianapolis. The life and battle of William Wilberforce, in light of the social climate he lived in, was encouraging, inspiring and challenging to me. Plus, a large number of my favourite BBC actors were featured! That helped me enjoy the movie even more! I'm looking forward to it coming out in theatres here so that I can see it again.

We went to see Blood Diamond on Saturday night. It was horrific, sad, beautiful, challenging, wonderfully acted, with gorgeous scenery - and Leo DiCaprio has a remarkably good Zimbabwean / South African accent! I grieved for those forced into modern slavery in Sierra Leone, Uganda, Sudan. I was challenged in my 'pursuit of bling' - made to understand that the price of diamonds goes far beyond the high markups and featured deals at stores in the mall. I can say now that I only want a Canadian Diamond!

Then last night we were back to the ridiculous - The Marine. I had hoped for something better, but it was pretty much a silly, highly affected, action movie with a wrestler as the star. Oh well. It was also a comedy, I guess.

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