Sunday, May 13, 2007

Too Much Stuff

So, i'm moving.

Packing all your belongings into boxes reveals things. Like - I probably have 70 pairs of shoes. Now, if you read my previous post, you KNOW I got a good deal on every pair!

However, yesterday was the day of reckoning for my kitchen. It's a little kitchen, so common sense would say it wouldn't take very long to pack up. I'm one person, right? (ha, ha, ha)

My friends Julie & Melanie helped me pack up the kitchen for 3 hours yesterday - and we're not quite finished. I am most definitely thanking God for these ladies - not just because I needed the help (I did!) and not just because working with them was a lot more fun than doing it by myself (it was!) but because they were good at being ruthless. We found a box of cereal that expired in 2006. Julie found an enormous amount of salt (& salt shakers). Melanie told me I had too many glasses. We found a 2 1/2 year old jar of pickled beets that scared Julie. We purged. There was even a dead spider in my cupboard. It was like "Clean Sweep: Herbert St. edition".

4 boxes & 2 bags of stuff are now in my car to take the thrift store. This is added to an already full trunk of stuff to go!

Dan, clever man that he is, kept his mouth shut and a broad grin on his face. He loved it. I think that he might give these girls an award. Melanie reminded him that "she's all yours".

It begs a spiritual question: I wonder what junk i'm holding onto that, if revealed, my honest and loving friends would tell me to dump? What stuff i'm hanging onto that is totally useless? Do I need a spiritual 'clean sweep'?
Hmm... just some thoughts.

(Postscript: The justice? We went to some garage sales yesterday where I picked up a few treasures - a filing cabinet for $2 - and it was something I actually needed!)

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