Thursday, May 03, 2007

Dentist Bad - Coupons Good

Although today i'm suffering from the after effects of a painful dentist appointment (and somewhat like a bear with a toothache, I have to say - not my best attitude, i'll admit it) I was cheered up by some good new coupons on one of my favorite new websites -
I love a good deal. A great item at an incredible price makes my heart pound faster and makes my blood pressure rise. And, although i'm being teased about 'becoming a good Mennonite woman', friends who are similarly thrifty are coming out of the woodwork - and my coupons are being shared and appreciated by more and more people. Aha! Saving money is infectious - and addictive, I have to say.
Right now i've found my favorites at, and . Now I have to stay home long enough to shop!

Oh, and i'm finding great bargains for my forthcoming move (if you hadn't heard - i'll be moving at the end of May - hallelujah!). Since Dan is at motorcycle training all weekend, i'm hoping to rope a girlfriend or two into some yard sales on the weekend, and even found a piece of furniture on the roadside last night. It amazes me how in Waterloo you can leave something you don't want anymore on the roadside, and by morning someone has picked it up! I still kind of feel like a thief throwing things in the back of my truck (we didn't do this in BC or Georgia!) but now I have a furniture refinishing project for this weekend. Like I needed something else to do with having to get all my packing done in the next two weeks!

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