Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Attempting to Unplug

Okay - so i'm finally getting some down time, and it's about time, if you ask me!

Dan is happy I'm taking time off (he's probably wondering where his relaxed, happy girlfriend went) and I'm happy too. However, I'm finding it really hard to totally relax. It's been a year packed with drama, drama, drama. Too much drama - which leaves me feeling slightly on the edge, even when I'm supposed to be relaxing!

Unfortunately, I think I haven't planned my days off well enough. I haven't laid around in a lounge chair yet. I love to organize things, cook, sew, watch movies... and I've done very little of that thus far (with only two days at home under my belt). Let's see what the next couple days hold - hopefully lots of organizing stuff, cooking, and more sleeping in - and more reading. (I'm currently enjoying a thriller entitled "The Pawn" - one I'll definitely have to pass along to my mom).

The way things typically go, probably by the time Monday rolls around, I'll have just figured out how to rest. Maybe I should have taken two weeks. Oh well, at least I'll not be sleep deprived any more!
Anyone got any tips?

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Michelle said...

Don't stay at home!! This is why I go camping every year - a time to totally unplug from work, life and everything distracting. It's my therapy :P