Thursday, December 27, 2007



Ontario Man to Wed Island Girl – She Said Yes!

Waterloo, ON — Dec. 24, 2007 — Christmas came a few hours early for Ellen R. Graf this year. Dan J. Martin of Elmira, Ontario presented a sparkling diamond ring to Ms. Graf (formerly of Nanaimo, BC) while on a snowy Christmas Eve walk to admire the Christmas light sculptures in Waterloo Park. While the Bride-to-be looked on agog (slightly resembling a fish out of water) the Groom-to-be knelt and pulled out a ring box and asked her to marry him. Although Ms. Graf had stopped breathing temporarily, his repeated asking prompted a response of “uhuh, yes, mmhmm, yes” accompanied by strong nodding of the head. She is currently being treated for shock. Mr. Martin is being treated for compulsive grinning.

Friends and family are thrilled for the couple and have offered their heartfelt blessing. Said the Father of the Bride, “At last!” The Bride’s mother advised “You make a great couple (keep him, he does dishes!)”. Other reactions have included “Yahoo”, “YAY!” and high pitched loud squealing noises. Ms. Graf and Mr. Martin are sincerely grateful for the prayers that have been offered on their behalf, and are so honored to have friends and family who have encouraged and loved them while their relationship has developed.

While a date has not yet been set, the couple will be married in the New Year. When asked about the date, the groom advised “Sooner than later!” After the wedding, they will reside in Waterloo, Ontario. The bride’s process of ‘clutter reduction’ has already begun so that her husband-to-be might have at least one shelf in the closet to call his own.

Mr. Martin hails from Ontario, while Ms. Graf was raised on Vancouver Island, BC. They realize that this is a cross-cultural relationship and have enjoyed learning about each other’s respective backgrounds – especially the foods.

Both the bride and groom are available for interview (they’re regaining their coherency by the day) and the ring is available for viewing. Photos available upon request.

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