Thursday, April 26, 2007

Coffee Intervention

Our pastor, Brandon Malo, at Elevation showed this cartoon last Sunday. It made me laugh, since my brother Ed did a coffee intervention with me a few years ago.
I was home visiting my family for a few weeks, and Ed became increasingly concerned about my rather *generous* coffee intake. He went to my mom, and mom came to me with his concern. I cut down a little (admittedly, I was drinking a 10-cup pot of coffee every day) but have never forgotten his coffee intervention.
In the years since, I have varied between going off coffee (with no 'coffee withdrawal headache', I have to say) and drinking ridiculous amounts of steaming dark roast (where it might be more convenient to simply be hooked up to an IV supply). I even have some times of coffee moderation - two cups in the morning, and maybe one in the afternoon.
Now that Dan and I have been dating, i've been slowly and steadily converting him into a west-coast coffee snob... he's officially off Tim Hortons and now is a regular at Starbucks. So, do you think that a coffee intervention is a valid thing? It's not like I would bother drinking a caffeinated water or anything - I just love a nice, dark roast, black coffee.

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