Wednesday, June 06, 2007


A little late but better late than never, once again Historymaker in Chilliwack, BC was excellent.

Great moments:

* Searching for miles for a Dairy Queen with Erin, and Dan giving us internet directions from Ontario - and then waking up in the morning to realize that there was a huge DQ right outside our hotel all along.

* eating White Spot burgers at a Triple O's in a gas station with Heather & Paul, Dan, George and Darian. Excellent. Darian thought it was romantic.

* Darcy wanting a fog / lights show like this.

* Dan finding a kid in the bathroom with TH1NK tattoos all over his abdomen.

* Seeing kids challenged to be Scripturally literate.

* Sharing time with kids who want to live for Christ, and want to find out how.

* Sitting in the rain and chatting with a young lady searching for God.

* Driving a brand new Ford Mustang... over a curb.

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