Saturday, June 16, 2007

Room of Horrors

Okay, time for a little honesty... does everyone have a room that looks like this after they move? It's the 'second bedroom' but looks more like a room of horrors. It will eventually be a room where I can keep my sewing machine set up, and unpack my 'library' onto bookshelves.

The living room, bedroom and kitchen are all organized and sorted out (mostly - except for trying to figure out huge lazyboy sofas in a not so enormous room).

Today is D-Day though. Dan is working on a patio with his brother, and i've got the day to sort out the nightmare room... we shall see how it goes. Meanwhile, i'm...erm... spending a little time blogging. No, don't call it procrastinating!

Please, tell me i'm not alone in this!

1 comment:

Paul & Wanda Moores said...

Yeah you poor people with only 2 bedrooms....I feel so sorry for you (insert sarcasm here)