Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Throwing Sofas

They don't make sofas like they used to. Seriously!

In the final stages of 'The Big Move' two weeks ago, the guys thought that they'd throw my circa 1960 sofa off the balcony - third floor balcony. I was getting rid of the sofa anyhow (it's remarkable - you can leave old furniture on the curb here!) and the guys deserved a break / some fun (it was 32 degrees C and horribly humid) so, out went the sofa. The sofa wouldn't die! They couldn't get the legs off of it, and it looked no different after hurling down three storeys than it did in my living room. Solid as a rock. And hey, I paid $10 for it three years ago!

Ahh... i'm sure that no one will be using my new sofas in 47 years... they just don't make sofas like they used to.

Now, my new sofas... hopefully they'll last at least 10 years. They cost a little more than $10, but they're great.

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