Thursday, April 12, 2007

On My Way... Again

Well, i'm on the road again, starting tomorrow morning with a flight to Ottawa, for a women's ministry conference, and then a trip down to Nashville for a publisher sales conference on Sunday. Here's hoping (and praying) that my luggage makes it this time, and that the Thrifty Car Rental folks are a lot better at these airports.

(Update: I got my bag, and am waiting for my clothing refund. Thrifty has refunded my car rental from Orlando due to their 'Customer Service Representative' making me cry! I even got a beautiful gift basket from Au Bon Pain for the open, stale coffee beans they sold me! All's well that ends well...)

Anyhow, i'm looking forward to catching up on my magazine reading in the airports, and probably will devour "Miss Match" - a first novel from Erynn Mangum that was HIGHLY recommended to me. (Thanks Michelle!) It looks like fun, and since I actually did love the old television series by the same name featuring Cher from Clueless (Alicia Silverstone) which no longer runs on tv *sob*.

So, even if I have a cancelled or delayed flight - I have good reading. And if nothing else, I have Sudoku (i'm so addicted it frightens me).


C. Louise said...

So...would you recommend Miss Match? I'm looking for a new fun read, and was curious if you enjoyed it.

Ellen said...

Yes - i'd recommend it for young twenty-somethings, definitely! It was cute, and there were some great lines in it. Overall, it was intelligent and fun.

I'd also recommend Reconstructing Natalie, Dreaming in Black and White and Dreaming in Technicolor by Laura Jensen Walker!