Thursday, April 05, 2007

Chocolate Bunny Chomping

Perhaps it’s because I was already sampling the Easter chocolate today and feel slightly caffeinated / sugar-loaded, I’m wondering… Will you snap the ear off a chocolate bunny like a wild animal this weekend? I still love the feeling of gnawing off the back foot or the front toe, or perhaps even the ear, and chewing down until only the bunny belly was left… or perhaps melted by inadvertently leaving it in a spot of sunshine. (This was a formative event in my young life – happened when I was 7 years old – the loss of a bunny to a careless placement on a windowsill was more than I could bear. I’m scarred)

While my favourite Easter treat is still the Cadbury mini-eggs (tried the dark chocolate ones this year – mmmm…) and Cadbury cream eggs, I love the kitschy comfort of the classic solid chocolate bunny. Maybe it just has to be better chocolate now, no waxy ‘chocolate-flavoured candy’. And, I might just bite the ears off first.

a. What part of the bunny do you eat first?
b. Do you take glee in chomping off the tail / ear / foot?
c. Have you already started in on the Easter chocolate?

1 comment:

SRMcEvoy said...

A) The ears.
B) not as much as the ears, though the foot makes me feel lucky.
C) Nope and I am not sure I am getting any this year.

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