Saturday, August 25, 2007

Complaining Again?

Okay, so I gave up complaining for Lent this spring, and I think I might need to revisit that concept.

This past week has been frustrating - Dan was sick with sciatic nerve problems, and in miserable pain. I was out of town for work. My computer crashed and still isn't working. My internet is down. My cell phone died. The media tour i'm working on for next week has been problematic. And to top it all off, when I went to the bathroom at the hotel, soap squirted up my arm. Stuff has been happening with friends & family back home. Stuff has been happening with friends & family in Ontario. Enough wrenches have been thrown in my perfect plans this past week to make me run entirely off kilter.

However, those things are small things. They will pass. In five years, I will remember none of them. Good things are happening. I drove back and forth to Toronto a number of times, and was perfectly safe. No car accidents, despite my stressed out distraction. My computer will eventually get fixed. My friend Erin is here this weekend, and we've laughed enough to work off a few of the Jelly Bellys we've been eating. I had wonderful meals with friends at the Keg and Mandarin last week. Dan is feeling much better, if not perfect. I have the luxury of warm water and soap to wash my hands. I have a job that I love. I get paid to do things that I love. I have friends and family that teach me that i'm loveable.

So, to those who have endured my rants this past week, I ask for your forgiveness. Life is good, God is patient and endlessly gracious with me, and I need to state that far louder than my yowling at temporary inconveniences and frustrations.

Perhaps I need to do another 40-day complaint fast - maybe for, say, Rosh Hashana or something. (and maybe I need to fast from Jelly Bellys also)

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