Saturday, August 25, 2007

Life Unplugged

Since i've been disconnected, i've been fairly disconcerted.

When I started University in 1994, I got my first email account. I remember typing in a little computer lab on campus, and printing out my email on dot-matrix printers. In 1997, when I spent a year on a ship in Central America, email was a luxury that kept me connected to my family & friends. This week, 13 years after I got my first email account, with no internet connection, I didn't even know how I would communicate to plan an event. I couldn't print out directions. I honestly don't know how to cope without internet. I can't remember how to do this. I forget that I own maps. I forget that I own a phone.

I forget that being constantly connected has added an incredible level of pressure to my life. Pressure to know all things, do all things, be all things, and do them perfectly. It's also more expensive - more things to buy, internet connection to pay for.

There are some huge lessons in this, but now I need to slow down long enough to learn them.

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