Monday, August 27, 2007

Eating Royally and The Rock

This morning was odd in the best sort of way. I am on an author tour with The Royal Chef. We were at Canada AM first thing this morning, and the guest interviewed right before Darren McGrady demonstrated his world-class, Princess Diana Bread and Butter Pudding was... you guessed it... The Rock.

Yes, The Rock. Also known as "Dwayne Johnson".
The man characterized by the phrase "Can you smell what The Rock is cooking?"

Oh, the irony. And really, it's just weird. But, it was cool to get to see The Rock in person, even if his biceps were outshined by his 7 year-old movie co-star as they promoted it in their interview.

Although it seems like perhaps it's divine justice for having such a stressful weekend, Dan said it's just not fair.

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Michelle said...

That is seriously funny! Apparently "The Rock" could smell that Darren was cooking this morning so he had to be on the show :P

We watched the Canada AM show after you called me - the segment went great!