Sunday, March 11, 2007

Good Food

I laughed when reading Darcy and Leanne's post about North Americans not appreciating good food. I definitely appreciate good quality, flavourful food. I wonder if perhaps many people are simply not adventurous enough to try different things, and end up eating the same sort of fast-food diet?

Last night we tried a new Thai restaurant in Cambridge (yummy spring rolls - and something called "Kiss Me Beef"), and then tried a new cafe / restaurant for dessert. Both places had fabulous atmosphere, fun decor, great food, and an interesting menu (and we were with fun friends, which made for an excellent night). The cafe actually reminded Dan and I of Victoria... (sigh) We tried these places, both out of town for us, because we had an Entertainment coupon book. Now, you might laugh at us using the coupons, but we've tried a number of things simply because we had this book! Sure, we had a couple of bad experiences with the coupon book - one very odd 'Mexican / Indian' combo restaurant (odd - very odd) and one with the worst Chinese food either of us had ever eaten (grease literally oozed out of Dan's eggroll). However, we've had some great things too - and this weekend, we've enjoyed the best of the coupon book.

So there you go - a little tip for those who are caught in the North American trap of crappy food. Plus, I love marketing that works.

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