Monday, March 19, 2007

Suitcase Life

A shrinking world has its drawbacks. I travel a lot – and generally enjoy it, but sometimes it gets to be too much. Not as much as some people (George?) but more than most people who are not sales reps or drifters. While yes, it is interesting, and keeps my job always changing (which I need), it definitely has its drawbacks.

There are the pros: interesting foods at new restaurants, Starbucks along the way (I think that travel has contributed to my caffeine addiction), seeing different people and different places, gathering information (I love collecting information – geek factor), making friends in other places, shopping in the US regularly, expanding my world.

Cons: sleeping in numerous beds that who knows how many people have slept in, breathing in gallon after gallon of recirculated airplane air, seeing new places only through the windows of the airplane / cab / hotel / conference room / hotel / cab / airplane), very long days of taking in new information and new people (which can be exhausting), being hit on by creeps, always living in a state of transition, the mad race before I leave (did I take out the garbage? Water the plants? Cancel the paper? Make arrangements for small group? Clean out the fridge?).

Looking at my schedule over the next couple months, I’m a little overwhelmed. I’m excited about the opportunities (a conference in Florida next week, Ottawa, Nashville & a week long conference in Toronto in April) but they mean that I’m away from my regular life and the love of my life. I miss Dan while I’m away. I miss my small group while I’m away. I miss my dad’s phone calls. I miss my bed. I miss my friends. I miss my church. I sometimes even miss my Tony Little Gazelle elliptical trainer. Right now I don’t miss my apartment, but I used to!

However, I’m excited about my trip to BC in May. Historymaker is honestly my favourite conference, hands down. Darcy and Leanne are fabulous hosts and friends. Hopefully Paul and Wanda will be there. My friend Erin will be there from Colorado. I love seeing kids not only entertained, but discipled and challenged. Plus, I get to see my family and Dan will be joining me. Now the countdown begins – two months to go and counting!


Paul & Wanda Moores said... will be @

Ellen said...

Wahoo! Can't wait to see you guys... I miss you!